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Bus plunges off the Philippine cliff : 19 killed, 21 injured

A Philippines passenger bus lost control and plunged off the cliff in the central Philippines in which 19 people were killed and 21 others were injured.

The passenger bus skidded off a mountain road on Mindoro island when it was heading to the capital Manila on late Tuesday.

The bus landed at the bottom of a wooden ravine and rescue workers are pulling the dead and injured from the bus that skidded off the cliff.

Police investigation is being carried out to know the reason for the accident as why the driver lost the control over the bus whether it was because of mechanical trouble or he fell asleep. Photos from the police showed that rescue workers were clambering down the cliff for reaching the bus that lay on its side amongst trees and grass which is 15 meters below the road.

The accident took place near Sablayan town, 195 km south of Manila. Road accidents are common in Philippines because of poorly maintained buses and poorly-trained drivers.

Public transport regulators said that they may suspend the franchise of the bus operator who is involved in the most recent disaster on Wednesday.

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