Buckingham Palace attack : Alert cops thwart possible terror attack outside Queen’s London residence

Buckingham Palace attack : London police have thwarted a potential terror attack on Friday night when they overpowered a man armed with a large knife outside Buckingham Palace.

Two police officers were wounded in the process as the assailant put up a fight before being arrested near the London residence of Queen Elizabeth.

According to media reports, a man in his twenties was asked to come out of his car after cops posted at the Mall outside Buckingham Palace saw a dangerous large knife in it. The incident happened at about 20:35.

While two police men were trying to arrest him, the suspect attacked them before he was overpowered by the cops and arrested. This was after the suspect had stopped his car near a police vehicle outside the Mall near Spur Road, SW1A as per the version of the Metropolitan Police.

London Metropolitan Police

London Metropolitan Police. Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Police.

The suspect was taken away to a hospital in London for treatment of minor injuries after which he will be taken to a police station for questioning.

Detective Superintendent Guy Collings on the Buckingham Palace attack said: “A man in his mid-twenties has been arrested by police after they spotted a weapon inside his car. The quick and brave actions of both officers meant that the suspect was detained very quickly.

“No members of the public had any interaction with this individual at the scene. He will now be questioned by detectives in police custody. It is too early in this investigation to speculate any further.”

According to the police, it is too early to consider the Buckingham Palace attack as a terror attack. They confirmed though that none of the royal family members were present in Buckingham Palace at the time of the incident.

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