Bronx hospital shooting : Sacked doctor shoots one dead, injures six in NY hospital

Bronx hospital shooting : A doctor who was sacked from his job in a New York City-based hospital returned to his former work place at Bronx borough on Friday with an assault rifle to kill a female doctor and injured six others before attempting to set himself on fire.

The Bronx hospital gunman identified as a 45-year-old named Dr. Henry Bello created carnage at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center before he was found dead by the police with a fatal bullet injury inflicted on his own.

Terrorism was ruled out from the Bronx hospital shooting incident which was being looked at as a workplace-related violence.

The Bronx hospital gunman involved in the Bronx hospital shooting was a specialist in family medicine.

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According to a report on the New York hospital shooting incident, Dr. Henry Bello had resigned two years ago from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center before an inevitable termination.

A news story from NBC6 South Florida on the Bronx hospital shooting incident reported that the Bronx hospital gunman was forced to resign after facing sexual harassment allegations. Dr. Henry Bello had threatened his colleagues of killing them.

The Bronx hospital shooting incident began around 3:00 PM when Dr. Henry Bello went on shooting with his assault rifle on the 16th and 17th floors of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. As per media reports on the Bronx hospital shooting, the Bronx hospital gunman Dr. Henry Bello and a female doctor were found dead on the 17th floor.

The six other victims wounded in the New York hospital shooting incident were found lying down with serious injuries on the 16th floor.

Bronx Hospital Shooting Video

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