Bihar dam worth Rs 389 crore collapses a day before inauguration

In a shocking incident, a part of the dam in Bihar worth Rs 389.31 crore collapsed a day before the inauguration by the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The Gateshwar Panth Canal Project suffered a major blow as a part of the dam collapsed just 24 hours before the inaugural ceremony.

Lallan Singh, Minister of Water Resources said: “The dam broke due to release of water in full capacity. The incident has not caused any damage to the newly constructed part of the project”.

The inauguration of the dam has been cancelled following this unfortunate incident.


Construction (Representative Image)

The Bihar government started the Bateshwarasthan Ganga Pump Canal Project under the irrigation scheme at Kahalgaon in Bhagalpur and spent Rs 389.31 crore on this scheme.

The Gateshwar Panth Canal Project was a very old project which took a long time to complete it. The main purpose of the dam was to collect water in the canal so that the farmers in the state would not face any problem of water scarcity.

After the dam collapsed, it created a frantic look and water was logged at many places. The water even entered the city and penetrated the homes in low-lying areas.

After the officials came to know about the news of the dam collapse, they rushed to the spot immediately.

With this project, Jharkhand was also to be benefited. The irrigation facility would have been available to about 18620 hectares in Bhagalpur and 22658 hectares in Godda district of Jharkhand due to this project.

The initial plan of the project was at 13.88 crore and in January 1977, the Planning Commission had approved the scheme at a cost of Rs 13.88 crore.

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