Bigg Boss Telugu 2 June 11 : Majority housemates nominate Deepthi Sunaina for eviction

On Day 1 in Bigg Boss house, Sanjana Anne expressed her resentment for nominating her as the not suitable person in Bigg Boss house and for being jailed along with Nutan Naidu. Nutan Naidu was seen standing all the night. She questioned about division between celebrities and common man in the house on the first day.

Nutan Naidu was asked about his dress code and logo on his short by Babu Gogineni, Sanjana, Ganesh, Kireeti, Tanish etc. Nutan Naidu tells them that he read that some famous people follow one unique pattern and he followed them.

Deepthi Sunaina (Image Courtesy: BiggBossTelugu2official)

Sanjana was seen criticisng Kireeti after she asked him of his films and success and for his hypocrisy. Housemates were seen exercising and others woke up with Ranga Ranga song from Rangasthalam. They gets all the essentials and groceries and segregate them in the kitchen to make arrangements for cooking. We can seen Sanjana trying to grab attention of cameras as she tried to insult all and that she will also become celebrity after one episode is aired. She poked Deepthi Sunaina by asking the reason for mentioning her banana trolls on social media.

Actor Kaushal is seen being friendly with Sanjana as she is telling that it is not fair to show bias on the common man and they don’t deserve the punishment and she tells that she could see mosquitoes, cockroaches and even rats. Babu Gogineni accuses Sanjana for taking things personally and for her revenge attitude. Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to gather infront of the jail and to release one from jail by mentioning the reason also.

Most of them took in favour of Nutan Naidu as he stood for long time and also for his age. He was released from the jail. Babu Gogineni in a conversation with others said that he is bigger than Bigg Boss and Nutan Naidu said Bigg Boss made a favour to him. Nutan Naidu started an argument with Kireeti as he expressed sympathy for Nutan for standing in jail. Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to take a post card from post box and to assemble in the living room. All of them had to open their letter and read it loud.

Majority of them got blank cards, Samrat Reddy gets a letter as next captaincy contender on it. Bhanu Sree gets a cake and Kaushal gets a jail free card which can be used only once and he kept for himself. Tanish gets the first task of filling water from the swimming pool into the bucket with a spoon. Nutan Naidu got a letter to store all his pants in the store room including the one which he was wearing. Bigg Boss asked Syamala to get into the confession room and to nominate two housemates for the first round of eviction. Below is the list of names told by all housemates along with the reasons.

  1. Shyamala – Kireeti , Tanish
  2. Samrat – Deepthi Sunaina , Ganesh
  3. Deepti Sunaina – Amit Geeta
  4. Nutan Naidu – Sanjana Kireeti
  5. Amit – Deepti Ganesh
  6. Deepti – Deepti Sunaina, Kaushal
  7. Babu – Sanjana Nutan Naidu
  8. Tejaswi – Deepti Sunaina, Ganesh
  9. Tanish – Kaushal , Ganesh
  10. Kaushal – Kireeti, Sunaina
  11. Bhanu Sree – Kireeti, Tanish
  12. Kireeti – Deepti Sunaina, Nutan Naidu
  13. Geeta Madhuri – Tejaswi, Ganesh (Kaushal)
  14. Ganesh – Deepti Sunaina, Kaushal
  15. Roll Rida – Sanjana, Nutan Naidu
  16. Sanjana – Roll Rida , Tejaswi

Finally those who got nominated for eviction are Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Kireeti, Kaushal, Nutan and Sanjana. Afterwards Geetha Madhuri pleaded Bigg Boss to cancel her nomination for Ganesh and added Kaushal name. Kaushal also apologized Sanjana for not using jail free card to free her from jail as he said he thought she would be freed within three hours which was not happened. Geetha Madhuri and Syamala discussed nominations with Sanjana and tried to console her.

Geeta also spoke with a camera to Nandu asking him that she tied her hair and what he will do now. She said that she will remove it next day morning. She also mentioned Nanu, her sister in law, mother in law and mom. All the housemates slept and Sanjana was seen awake and may be planning a strategy after she leaves jail

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