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Berlin Market Attack Update : Suspect Anis Amri gunned down in Milan

Berlin Market Attack Update : Berlin Market attack suspect Anis Amri, a 24-year-old with Tunisian origins, has been shot dead by Italian police in Milan on Friday morning.

Anis Amri emerged as the suspect in the Berlin Market terror attack which had a rogue truck ploughing through a festive crowd on Monday, killing 12.

The Islamic State (ISIS) had claimed responsibility for the pre-Christmas terror attack in Germany.

It was during a routine check that the Italian police had stumbled on Anis Amri who pulled a gun towards them before getting overpowered.

Berlin Market Attack Suspect Anis Amri Photo

Berlin Market attack suspect Anis Amri photo

Berlin Market attack suspect Anis Amri

The Berlin Market terror suspect Anis Amri is said to have escaped Germany through France before reaching Milan without any major hurdles, taking advantage of the continetn’s open-border Schengen pact.

A video released after the Milan shootout of the suspected terrorist showed his allegiance to the Islamic State. In the video, Anis Amri is shown appealing to all Muslims, especially those in Europe to kill the non-Muslims whom he called as “crusader pigs” as per their ability.

Italian Police Shootout of Berlin Market Attack Suspect Anis Amri Video

The Berlin Market terror suspect Anis Amri is reported to have arrived in the main railway station of Milan from France at 1:00 AM before traveling to the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni where there is considerable presence of Muslims.

Italian police confessed that they had no intelligence that they were dealing with none other than the terrorist who undertook the Berlin Market truck attack.

The shootout happened when two young Italian cops noticed a man looking suspicious. When they asked for relevant papers, Anis Amri had attacked them, pulling his gun and injuring one of the cops on the shoulder before hiding behind an adjacent car.

The Italian cops in no time got the better of the terrorist who also carried a small pocket knife.

Apparently, the Berlin Market terror suspect Anis Amri was jailed in Italy in 2011 and was asked to leave the country after serving his sentence. Anis Amri later entered Germany seeking asylum which was rejected but the authorities failed to deport him back to Tunisia because of the lack of valid identification papers.

Berlin Market Attack Update

On Monday, Anis Amri hijacked a truck after killing a Polish driver. Anis Amri, the suspect drove it through the Christmas market near the Kaiser Wilhem Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Central Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 49 on his way.

After smashing people around in the Berlin Market with a hijack lorry, Anis Amri managed to escape from the site before reaching Italy where he was shot dead eventually by chance.

Initially, the German investigators picked up a Pakistani origin man as the suspect before they released him after finding him to have no connection in the December 19 Berlin Market attack.

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