Bengaluru girl blackmailed with objectionable photos; demands Rs 32 lakhs

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A person blackmailed a teenage girl by sending objectionable photos in her Whatsapp and demanded Rs 32 lakhs and threatened her that he would upload them in several social networking sites if she fails to give him money.

The girl’s father approached the police to take serious action against the culprit and filed a formal complaint.

The girl’s father who is a 44-year old businessman said that his daughter received a Whatsapp message from an unknown person a few days ago.

The Whatsapp message had the girl’s objectionable photos and the sender of these photos demanded money for not sharing the photos. After seeing them, the girl blocked that particular number in her Whatsapp.


Girl (Representative Image)

After that the girl’s mother received text messages from the culprit that read: “If you block me on WhatsApp and Facebook, the photos will be uploaded in websites. See what I will do”.

After few days, the girl again received message from other mobile number that stated: “You played with me. Now see FB post. If you again block this number I will inform your parents”. She was also threatened with dire consequences.

The police did not reveal the identity of them and reported that someone known to the girl or her family is the culprit as he also knew the girl’s mother phone number and he texted to that number thinking the girl is using the number.

The police also added that they are questioning the girl whether she knows the accused person. The police registered a case under section 67 and 66 of the Information Technology Act and also for extortion, criminal intimidation and stalking. Further investigations are being carried out.

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