Bengali film actress Bitasta Saha found dead in her flat in Kolkata

Bengali film actress Bitasta Saha was found dead in her flat in an apartment in Kolkata where she was living alone.

She was found hanging to a fan in her bedroom yesterday evening.

This incident came into light when her mother and friends tried to call her and got no response from her since two days as said by police.

Bengali actress Bitasta Saha Suicide

Bengali actress Bitasta Saha Suicide

Bitasta’s mother tried calling her from two days and did not get any answer from her. She came to the apartment where she was staying alone and when she knocked the door, it was not opened by her daughter.

Bitasta’s mother informed to the police and they broke opened the door just to see her hanging onto the ceiling.

Check here the new twist in Bitatsa Saha death mystery:

They found that her body was partially decomposed and they found sharp cut marks on both the hands. They did not find any suicide note. Sniffer dogs were sent to the spot.

Police are investigating the case into the angle of love failure as the Bengali actress has posted some social media posts which indicated depression about the relationship.

Bitasta Saha was seen in 2016 film ‘Banchha Elo Phire’ which was released in October.

Some of the posts which the depressed actress posted in the social network sites are: ‘U’ll never feel my anguish’, ‘Kosto pai kimba araam, Ki ese jay tor!’ (How does it matter to you if I am pained or relieved) and ‘Oporadh ki bolo…Mukh fote na, Jodi paro monta pore niyo…'(Tell me my fault…I can’t tell you my feelings..If you can read my heart).

Police started their investigation by questioning her friends and the neighbours. The mystery about Bitasta Saha death is yet to be find out as whether it is suicide or murder.

Police are also tracing her phone call data and trying to find out whether she attempted suicide due to her work stress.

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