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Barack Obama hints at Vladimir Putin’s direct role in US Elections hacking

US Elections hacking news : Outgoing US President Barack Obama on Friday hinted strongly that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a hand in the hacking episode leading to the US Presidential Elections 2016, which is alleged to have helped Donald Trump pull off a surprise win over Hillary Clinton.

Obama alleged that Putin personally saw through hacking of Democratic Party emails.

During a pre-Christmas press conference in Washington DC, President Obama minced no words in calling Russia as a smaller and weaker nation compared to the US and that the former “does not produce anything that others want to buy, except oil and gas and arms.”

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Outgoing US President Barack Obama slams Russia and Vladimir Putin for their alleged role in US Elections hacking.

The US relations with Russia had hit a new low during the recent times, and the hacking allegations prove the dislike for each other. However, they are expected to improve after Donald Trump takes over as the 45th US President next month.

Former Cold War foes Russia and the US have been at a war of words over the handling of the civil war in Syria.

President Barack Obama Comments on Russia and Vladimir Putin’s Role in US Elections Hacking

To a question whether the Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally engaged in the US Elections hacking, President Barack Obama said: “This happened at the highest levels of the Russian government” besides adding that “not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin.”

Obama though took care in avoiding a direct blame on Putin in the public sphere while saying that he wanted to give the US intelligence personnel more time to come up with a report on the alleged Russian role in hacking before he leaves The White House on January 20.

Obama said: “The intelligence I’ve seen gives me great confidence that the Russians carried out this hack; the hack of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and the hack of John Podesta.”

John Podesta happens to be Hillary Clinton top campaign aide during the US Presidential Elections 2016.

President Obama recalled that he had warned his Russian counterpart Putin to stop interfering in the US political campaigns, in a face-to-face meeting in September during a G20 meeting held in China.

Reports are that Barack Obama is working on something that could shake Russia and in particular Vladimir Putin, for their alleged role in the US Elections hacking. One of them could be disclosing Putin’s business deals and personal finances in the public domain.

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