Baby accidentally falls from first floor of building in Hyderabad; condition critical

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An 18-month old baby named Inaya Fatima accidentally fell from the first floor of a building in Bahadurpura in Hyderabad and suffered head injuries.

Her neighbours rushed to the spot after hearing the baby crying. She was rushed to the private hospital and her condition is very critical as she suffered head injuries.

The CCTV footage of this shocking video has been recorded which is going viral in the social media. The incident was caught in the camera that was installed in the neighbourhood. This incident took place on Sunday.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

The video shows the baby falling on the middle of the road from the first floor of a building.

Achyuta Rao, President of Andhra Pradesh child rights expressed the doubt about this incident and asked police to conduct an impartial inquiry as to confirm whether the toddler fell accidentally or she was thrown away.

Bahadurpura police did not register a case as no one lodged a complaint on this incident. The baby fell from the first storey of the building while she was playing and there is no case.

This incident occurred during the afternoon time when her parents and other family members were sleeping in their house. The girl woke up and was playing on the first floor when she accidentally fell down on the ground.

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