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Arnab Goswami resigns from Times Now to start his own news channel

India’s most celebrated TV news personality Arnab Goswami has announced his decision to quit Times Now to set up his own venture.

A popular face and voice ever since Times Now was launched in 2006, Arnab Goswami has been known for dominating heated debates every night during weekdays on his highly popular show The Newshour.

The 43-year-old news anchor was the editor-in-chief of Times Now and ET Now owned by the Times Group.

Arnab Goswami had come as an exception in the Indian media which otherwise has been openly left-centric for the past many years, with subtle support to the Congress and also accused of being anti-Hindu and anti-BJP.

Arnab Goswami photo

Arnab Goswami

Hailing from Assam and also son of an Army man, Arnab Goswami had single-handedly lifted the TRPs of Times Now in the past decade with his aggressive anchoring that left his competitors like Barkha Dutt of NDTV and Rajdeep Sardesai, then in CNN-IBN before moving to Headlines Today, far behind.

Arnab Goswami over the years has been appreciated for his patriotism and honesty, qualities that seemed to lack in some of the top news anchors in the country.

With Arnab Goswami’s exit, Times Now will suffer a huge blow and is likely to have its TRPs go down drastically. Along with Goswami, several of his Times Now colleagues are likely to join his new media venture.

Arnab Goswami, who is famous for his “India wants to know”, is all set to become an entrepreneur by opening a new English News channel very soon.

Arnab over the years has been known to be fearless, talking ferociously to silence his guests whenever they went against his opinion, which sometimes has been alleged to be fixed.

Recently, the Indian government has given him Y category security cover following threats from Pakistani-based terrorists who are planning to eliminate him. As part of it, 20 security personnel are said to guard him round the clock.

While there is no doubt that Arnab Goswami has virtually ruled the Indian live news segment, his monotonous screaming had become an overdose to the same viewers who once were glued to his shows that would nail the corrupt people.

An accusation on Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour was that it contained far too less news content and more of loud noises from the anchor himself and the guests, leaving nothing really audible towards the end.

For the record, Arnab Goswami, like several others began his TV career with NDTV where he was last in the role of an Editor before moving on to Times Now. Arnab Goswami and Times Now became synonymous to each other, which is an indication of the immense popularity he enjoyed.

Although there could be a gap till Arnab Goswami will be seen on TV again, his words of “Game has just begun” as reported by The Quint sounds something promising and big.

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