Arjun Kapoor on English-Hindi divide during Half Girlfriend trailer release

Actor Arjun Kapoor, who is promoting his Bollywood movie 2017 – Half Girlfriend, has an interesting take on those who speak English and Hindi in India.

According to Arjun Kapoor, people are judged on how well they speak English and those who struggle with the language are often made fun of.

“In India, if you’re smart but don’t understand English no one gives importance to you. If you can’t speak English then you’re looked at differently. This is the biggest issue in the country. You may understand Hindi but will speak in English to sound cool,” he was quoted as saying in a PTI report.

Arjun Kapoor made the comments at the Half Girlfriend trailer​ launch. A romantic drama, Half Girlfriend is based on the novel of the same name written by ChetanBhagat. Half Girlfriend heroine is Shraddha Kapoor.

Arjun Kapoor added that he is thankful to his grandparents since they always spoke to him in Hindi.

“People are told that if you speak in English you will sound better. So, a consciousness comes in, people are made fun of, they’re not taken seriously. This has personally bothered me,” he further said in the report.

Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in Half Girlfriend

Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in Half Girlfriend. Photo courtesy of Team Arjun Kapoor.

“The youth of today is very fluent in English but you ask them three questions in Hindi and they face a problem. We are actors so we need to learn Hindi, and thankfully my grandparents always spoke to me in Hindi so my Hindi is clean but there are many actors also (who are not fluent in the language),” he went on to add.

Arjun Kapoor stated that understanding Hindi is a must to take the nation forward. “I feel Hindi is something you need in our country to take it forward. How can you not understand and speak your language ? It’s our mother tongue. But people ignore this issue and hence it is considered small.”

“I hope with the film that discussion is reignited that in whatever language you speak, what you say should be understood by the other person,” the Half Girlfriend hero Arjun Kapoor went on to add.

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