Amit Shah launches ‘not mature’ attack on Rahul Gandhi

BJP president Amit Shah on Friday took another digat Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after former Delhi chief minister Shiela Dikshit’s statement that he “is still not mature and needs some time”.

“If he is not mature, then why has he been enforced upon Uttar Pradesh? Is this a political laboratory or learning ground for someone?” Amit Shah questioned at an election rally in Uttar Pradesh.

Claiming that UP is battling a number of problems, he further added that ‘men of steel’ are need of the hour to solve the issues, “Problems of Uttar Pradesh can be solved only under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Amit Shah added.

Amit Shah latest speech in UP Elections 2017 rally

Amit Shah latest speech in UP Elections 2017 rally

The BJP president further said that the BJP tsunami will help the party get two-thirds majority in the 403-member assembly, which would put an end to “misrule” of the SP and BSP, which has ruled UP over the last 14 years.

“There is an acute shortage of electricity, medicines and the common citizens, especially women and traders are feeling very much unsafe,” Shah went on to add.

Attacking the SP-Congress alliance, he went on to say, “It is quite amusing that one prince is giving tough times to his mother, the other to his father, and both are troubling UP.”

Amit Shah went on to seeking a performance report from the Congress. “Your (Rahul’s) family has ruled the country for over 60 years. What has it done for the country? Rahul must answer this.”

“Rahul asks what the Modi government has done for the country. Rahul Baba, the first thing that we have done is that we have given a PM who speaks. You had given a PM who did not speak for 10 years, and his voice was heard by you and your mother,” he went on to add.

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