Amid China, Pakistan tensions, Indian Army short of war ammunition

Amid border tensions with China and persistent exchange of fire with Pakistan, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has released a damning report which reveals that India doesn’t have enough ammunition to fight a full-fledged war.

As per the stockholding in September last year, the India Army is staring at a 40% shortfall when it comes to the types of ammunition needed to fight a 10-day long way.

The CAG report tabled in the Parliament on Friday revealed that there has no major improvement in the stock of War Wastage Reserve (WWR) ammunition which is required by the army to use in case of a full-scale battle. WWR which is primarily needed for tanks and artillery is still at a critical level as per CAG, despite a change in the government following Narendra Modi’s takeover of the reigns from Dr Manmohan Singh.

Indian Army

Indian Army

The Congress was quick to jump on the CAG report that puts the Narendra Modi government on a weak pitch. In a press conference, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma hit out at the Modi government over the shortage of ammunition faced by the Indian Army.

The Rajya Sabha MP demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have to answer on the shortage of the critical needs of ammunition which haven’t been met for three years since the NDA had come to power.

Anand Sharma accused Narendra Modi of not taking defence matters seriously at any time. He demanded that the central government should make sure that the army’s genuine needs are met.

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