Allahabad Crime News: Class XII boy of St Joseph’s School punished for wearing bag; loses vision

A Class XII boy of St Joseph’s school in Allahabad was caned by his vice-principal Leslie Cotino as he was spotted wearing bag during morning assembly which led to loss of vision in his right eye.

The victim identified as Serven Terence aged 14 was brutally punished by his vice principal which has become an another case of corporal punishment.

He was first rushed to hospital in Allahabad and was later moved to Lucknow where it was declared that he had lost his vision in his right eye.

Boy loses vision (Image Courtesy: ANI Twitter)

Boy loses vision (Image Courtesy: ANI Twitter)

As an incident of Allahabad crime news, the boy’s parents had lodged an FIR against the vice-principal in this regard in the Civil Lines police station.

When coming to the details of the incident, Serven Terence stood in the Morning Prayer with his bag which was seen by the school’s vice-principal. He started beating the boy with a baton when it struck the boy’s right eye and started bleeding.

Serven Terence is the only child for his parents and will undergo surgery in a month.

Police started investigation on this matter.


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