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Ajinomoto, the best taste enhancer for kinds of food

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Mar 20 (ANI): Cambodia is one of the most remarkable and popular destinations among tourists not only for sightseeing, but also discovering its delicious local dishes.

Traditional Khmer food consists of a variety of food that can be seen in the market. And for such dishes, an umami seasoning “Ajinomoto” produced by a leading food company is contributing to Cambodia’s delicious cuisine. Ajinomoto Cambodia Sales Depot, Phnom Penh is the logistic base of Ajinomoto products.

Since Ajinomoto Cambodia is established in 2009, it has been producing pure, high- quality umami seasoning products all by themselves and embodied “NO.1 deliciousness for Cambodian’s everyday meals”. The products from the factory are carefully managed and are made ready to deliver to the markets.

All the employees work hard to deliver deliciousness to the families in Cambodia. Delivery destinations of food seasoning products cover a wide range of places from small local retail shops to huge shopping centers. However, local markets are still the main places to get food seasoning in Cambodia.

Receiving an overwhelming response of the product from the market and food industry is not only because of the quality product but also because of the efforts of the local sales team. The strong desire of workers to deliver a good quality product to more people and places continues to improve and contribute to the social life in Cambodia. Umami seasoning “Ajinomoto” is not only used in home cooking but also used widely by the food industry in Cambodia.

Regardless of generation, Ajinomoto products have been supporting various food industries by improving the taste and quality. It is also promoting a healthier lifestyle among people. Using Ajinomoto seasoning in most of the dishes is one of the basic steps used for cooking by many chefs. The experienced production skill born in Japan continues to contribute to people’s basic life and culture in Cambodia through a taste of harmony.

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