AIADMK latest news: Sasikala Natarajan makes shocking allegations on OPS

In the AIADMK latest news, the controversy in the party took another turn when party general secretary V K Sasikala aka Sasikala Natarajan on Wednesday launched an all-out attack on caretaker Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam, fondly called as OPS, over allegations that she had forced him to resign.

Amidst growing unrest, Sasikala Natarajan addressed AIADMK MLAs at the party headquarters in the morning. “The holding of legislature party members meet was not a secret. It had come out in newspapers and other electronic media. No one would believe Panneerselvam if he says that he did not know about it.”

“He says he was forced. But he was the man who pronounced my name as the legislature party leader and had been sitting next to me and speaking to me. So, if he has come out and lied after 48 hours, what had happened in the meantime? Who discussed with whom? As DMK’s Duraimurugan spoke during the assembly, was there any other means through which messages were exchanged? Was there any promise of power and post?” Sasikala Natarajan questioned.

Sasikala Natarajan photo

Sasikala Natarajan

Fondly called by the party members as Chinnamma, Sasikala Natarajan went on to the extent of alleging that Panneerselvam had developed a soft spot for the DMK. “The incidents that unfolded after Jaya’s death, the episodes in the assembly, I had observed it keenly. His interactions with the DMK, which has always been steadfast on destroying our Amma and the party, meant that the sacrifice and struggles of Amma and her supporters lost its meaning,” Sasikala Natarajan claimed.

She went to state that Panneerselvam was someone who was forgive by Jayalalithaa. “Amma had forgiven all that he had done as part of the other faction of AIADMK, when the party first split. She gave him opportunity-after-opportunity. Just because one has sat in the chief minister’s chair when Amma is no longer around doesn’t mean one can traverse a different path to what she had laid out for us. Here, the word Amma carries more weight than the words chief minister.”

“It is not the case that I did not know the inner meaning behind the interactions between DMK party men and the chief minister. The responsibility of a general secretary is to prevent such relationships from blossoming to another level,” Sasikala Natarajan further said.

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