Hasini Muder Case : Accused S Dhasvant arrested in Mumbai by special force

Hasini murder case: The accused S Dhasvant in seven year old Hasini rape and murder case was arrested by the police in Mumbai.

The half burnt body of a seven old girl Hasini was found by the police in Mugalivakkam and Dhasvant is also been suspected of killing his mother

The Special Forces in Mumbai arrested him and are waiting for a transit warrant to bring him to Chennai. S Dhasvatn aged 23 years went on bail in Hasini case and the girl’s father moved the court claimed that the Chennai police could not implicate him in Goondas Act.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net

S Dhasvatn has been missing after he went on bail and his mother Sarala aged 45 years was found dead with jewellery missing. S Dhasvant is the suspect in his mother’s murder case too as per various reports and his father accused his son of murder.

Hasini was sexually assaulted and murdered in her apartment complex in February in Chennai’s Mugalivakkam. S Dhasvant who was living in the same apartment lured her and sexually assaulted her. He was then a 22 year old mechanical engineer. He then murdered and burnt her body.

The Mahila Court filed charges against him and the trial in the case began on December 5. The case was adjourned as the accused went missing.

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