ACB raids on AP government officials find Rs 150 crore in Vijayawada

The Andhra Pradesh Anti-Corruption Bureau raided the houses of two senior officers in the Vijayawada town planning department and recovered properties worth Rs 150 crore in market value on Monday.

The two officials were director, town and country planning, Golla Venkata Raghu aged 59 and Nalluri Venkata Siva Prasad aged 53 who is junior technical officer in the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation.

The ACB officers were shocked to see the number of properties they possessed across the two telugu states. The ACB Director-General RP Thakur said that both of the officers who came from middle-class families have grown to millionaires in a short time.

He said that Venkata Raghu had strong links with the builders and he himself became a builder with the companies in the names of proxies.

Real Estate

Real Estate (Representative Image)

He added that Venkata Raghu had support from Venkata Siva Prasad and his wife Gayathri and they three worked together once for a town planning wing of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation.

The properties have been verified since 2007-08 which was doubled and doubled again within few years.

Nalluri Venkata Siva Prasad is a resident of Gundala with a single house in 1992. He now has Rs 70 crore worth of properties. ACB officers were shocked to see huge gold ornaments that weigh two to three kgs of gold and huge diamonds.

The raids on Shiva Prasad residence in Gannavaram was started on Monday at 6 am. Gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 4 crore and Rs 5 crore in promissory notes were recovered without details.

Lands documents and properties worth Rs 40 crore including air-conditioned convention centre is being constructed at Gannavaram were seized.

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